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We use US Census Data to report which careers people choose based on their educational backgrounds and how much they earn in those positions. All data is reported for bachelor's degrees. National earnings data and job growth projections are collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Learn more about our methodology »
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How Does This Tool Work?

STEP 1: Enter a college major

Type an area of study into the form field. Select "See Careers" to view results reported by respondents whose degrees most closely match your selection.

STEP 2: View career results

You will see a list of the job titles that are most commonly reported by people with the degree that you entered. The annual salary for each reported career reflects the average yearly earnings reported by survey respondents with both the career and major indicated.

Bar graphs indicate how each career compares to others in the areas of yearly earnings and projected job growth. The national average for these data points is indicated as a point of reference.

STEP 3: Find a job

Now that you know what others with your degree do for work, you can explore job opportunities in any of these areas that interest you. Click on any of the job titles to view open positions in a specific area of work, or browse more related job postings at the bottom of the results page.

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